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We Face Decades of Problems Ahead For Obama Foreign Policy Failures

Barack ObamaI truly believe President Obama is well on his way to becoming the worst President this country has ever had.   To qualify for that ignoble title, you have to be an epic failure on both domestic and foreign policy fronts.   The domestic policy failures will be the subject of a future article.  For today, lets concentrate on the gallery of failures the Obama Administration has blundered through since taking office.

Russia:  When President Obama took office, Russia was enjoying enormous growth due to its oil exports and they were making it clear they were going to try to regain some of their old Soviet-era importance they had on the world stage.  When the Liberal-College Professor/Community Organizer-in-Chief came into office, he knew with the blind certainty of his ideology that America had been doing it all wrong with Russia and that he was going to implement a “reset” that would make everything alright.  So, he sold out Poland and backed off on agreements we’d been implementing with them and made it clear to our allies right from the get go that American leadership was no longer going to be there for them.

President Putin, seeing that America was defanged and impotent with this new American president, immediately started making plans that he never would have thought of had real American leadership still been a factor.  Russia now acts with impunity, using military force to take over part of the Ukraine, using cyber warfare against networks in America and partnering with China to establish a new world order in which they can do whatever they want without fear of American response. With the weak leadership of President Obama, Putin has taken steps to increase Russian power and influence throughout the world that would never have occurred with a stronger US president. As Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) recently said, “There would be no strong Putin without a weak Obama.”

China:  Cyber attacks, espionage, South China Sea failure.   The number of failures when it comes to the Obama Administrations China policy could fill a book.  As it stands, China will grow in international influence for decades to come thanks to the feckless leadership of President Obama.

North Korea:  Obama’s policy towards North Korea has basically been to act as if the country does not exist and that their ever-increasing nuclear and ballistic missile programs are nothing to worry about.  He knows they are one of the areas of the world most likely to lead to large-scale war at some point and they have totally abrogated American leadership with their policy of denial.

Middle East:  Oh where to start.  I guess the best place to start is Lybia, in which Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made disastrous decisions that have led that country to a disastrous outcome that has legions of immigrants drowning themselves trying to get to Europe to escape the anarchy.  Then there’s Syria, Benghazi and Iraq.  The response to each of these from the Obama Administration has been a disaster.  Syria is now a terrorist hot-bed, competing with Iraq for which will suffer more under the ISIS organization that was made possible by President Obama’s mistakes in both countries.  The terror and suffering being felt by Syrians has lead to an immigration crisis in Europe as hundreds of thousands of Syrians and others in the region flee the results of the Obama Administration Syrian policy.

Iran:  So bad it deserves it’s own article but I’ve already wrote before what a disaster this deal is for the world.  Particularly in this case, the naivety of the President Obama is staggering.  He gives us the false choice of having to pick between us going to war to prevent Iran from developing its own nuclear weapons in the next year or so or accepting this deal he’s so proud of that guarantees Iran having nuclear weapons within the next decade.   In reality, it may very well reach of a level of Neville Chamberlain-like incompetence.

In this recipe for disaster, let’s first mention that the deal fails every standard that Obama himself set at the onset of the “negotiations”.   Then let’s add that the deal enables the Iranians to bolster their ICBM and other advanced weapons aspirations.  Then factor in that we don’t even know all of what Iran actually has in the way of development facilities, stored nuclear materials, etc so saying that you’re getting them to give up or cut back on a percentage when you don’t know the total is laughable.  Spice it up with the fact that Iran has a history of violating international agreements and will undoubtedly do so with this one.  And top the cake with the fact that the agreement gives them $100 Billion or more to finance their nuclear weapon development projects AND to increase what they give to the many terrorist organizations they sponsor.  This is a recipe that produces a nuclear Iran, nuclear proliferation throughout the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Egypt for certain) and lots of more opportunities for terrorist groups to potentially get a nuclear weapon.

Cuba:  When it comes to Cuba, President Obama once again has an epic fail.  And this time, he didn’t even try to get any benefit to America for his capitulation.  He could have said he’d reestablish diplomatic ties and push Congress towards lifting the embargo in exchange for the Castro regime agreeing to an establishment of free press, release of their many political prisoners, additional economic and political freedoms for the Cuban people, etc.   Instead, he just gave them that in exchange for…nothing.  In fact, with things looking much rosier for the Communist regime, the only change for the Cuban people seems to be an increase in the number of political arrests.   “It’s his fault, what is happening,” said former Cuban political prisoner Angel Moya, speaking about President Obama.

These are just a few examples of the major failures of the Obama Administrations foreign policy.   I could write many additional articles on the less serious failures he had since becoming president.  Failing to support Egypt during it’s overthrow of the Mubarak regime, the failed Japanese trade deal, destruction of our long-held alliance with Israel.  The inaction towards Venezuela as it heads toward a failed economy and a possible dictatorship.  The list goes on and on.  And add to it the huge cuts the Obama Administration has made to our military and the almost unreported partial decapitation of our military as the Obama Administration has ended the careers of many senior military officers.  These changes cannot be undone and their affect on our ability to project American power around the world is truly diminished for decades to come.   The U.S. and the world in general will pay for the mistakes of President Obama for many years after he has left office.

Excellent article highlighting Obama’s failures:

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