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The Dems are terrified that AG Sessions will be like AG Eric Holder

It looks like we’ve come to an end to the delay tactics from Democrats in the approval of Senator Jeff Sessions to become the next Attorney General. The only reason his nomination was being held up by Senate committee review was that his vote was needed in the Senate to approve Department of Education Secretary nominee Betsy Devos, who’s nomination vote was just approved with every GOP vote needed. Today the all night delay tactics by Senate Democrats will end and his approval is seen as assured. But it is still worth noting why the Democrats are so scared of Senator Sessions becoming the next Attorney General (AG) of the United States.

Senate Democrats have good reason to be apprehensive about the power of the office of the Attorney General. Both of the Attorney Generals that served during the Obama Administration showed that when someone holds that office who will act above and beyond the law as a shield to the president, then you end up with a president who has very little fear of consequences of misusing their office.

Many Democrat office holders and liberal mainstream media figures spoke during the closing weeks of the Obama administration on how scandal free the Obama administration was during its 8 years. This blatantly false narrative was used to try to cover for the fact that the Obama years were largely a failure for both the country and specifically for their party. But the reality is that there were numerous scandals and none of them were investigated because the Attorney General prevented any investigations. Congress was stymied time and again by an AG who would come to their committee hearings and make it clear that they were not going to do anything to look into any allegations against President Obama.

Examples of this abuse of the AG powers include the Fast and furious gun scandal, the illegal use of the IRS against conservative campaign groups, the DOJ illegally seizing reporter records and the NSA mass surveillance of American citizens without a warrant. Each of these warranted an investigation into the abuse of executive powers and each was shot down by the Attorney General. House and Senate committees were powerless to do anything about the AG obstruction.

Democrat House and Senate members did nothing to stop the actions of the Obama Attorney Generals but they had to know that someday those particular chickens would come home to roost. Now they face that day and are terrified of having a Republican Attorney General who could possibly follow the Holder AG Model and shield President Trump from any perceived excesses. As a minority in both the House and Senate, they are not even in a position to hold committee hearings.

I have previously stated that one of the most damaging things the Obama Administration did to our country was to show future presidents how selecting a loyal-above-all-else AG shifts the balance of government power overwhelming in favor of the executive branch. I sincerely hope Jeff Sessions is not that type of Attorney General.

Ed Ruth

Liberal Media Gives President Obama False Approval Numbers

As time goes by and it is increasingly recognized that President Obama’s 8 years were utter failures in terms of legislature, economy, international affairs, etc., you can count on the fact that liberal supporters will repeated state some variation of “He left office with high approval numbers”. It is important to remember that the pollsters in the mass media are just as biased as the talking heads we see on TV and that the results of their polling must be taken with truck loads of skepticism. Zerohedge.com does a good job in this article of showing how new agencies are undersampling Republicans and oversampling Democrats to give President Obama these false approval numbers:


Another Obama First: Two Attorney Generals Plead The Fifth

http://freebeacon.com/national-security/attorney-general-lynch-pleads-fifth-secret-iran-ransom-payments/Another first for the “most transparent administration in history” was made this week as Attorney General Loretta Lynch joined her predecessor Eric Holder in pleading the Fifth Amendment so as to not incriminate themselves during sworn testimony.

America, The Rule of Law and a Republican win in 2016


The Orange County Register recently published an editorial on the slow but sure loss of the rule of law in America.  It should be read by all who are concerned with the direction this country is going.  In one short article they discuss the amazing damage to the rule of law that has occurred in this country since the 1970s and particularly during the Obama administration.  It describes how the law today is now something that can be molded by whoever is president into a heavy hitting ideological weapon.   Liberals have cheered this on during the Obama administration saying the president has no choice but to do these things since Congress will block him if he doesn’t.  Those cheers will change to shrill rage should a Republican win in 2016.

Let’s imaging for a moment that a Republican actually does become president in 2016 and that he (or “she” if the wonderful Carly Fiorina were to win) decides to use the executive power exactly as their predecessor has done:

First, they’ll pick an Attorney General who is himself or herself a partisan activist and who will protect both the president and anyone under them that shares their ideology regardless of whether or not they are actually breaking the law.   Then the president will put into the IRS and other agencies new leaders who will use their power to punish those of the opposing ideology.  They will be able to do so without worry of repercussion since any investigation would have to be approved by the Attorney General.

Next, the Republican president will be able to repeal Obamacare easily with the Republican majorities in the House and Senate.  They will use the same reconciliation process that Obama used to pass it.  And to those who say it’s too late because it will cause pain to millions who depend on Obamacare for coverage, the president will answer that they are just relieving America of a law that has never been popular and which forced millions out of coverage they were happy with in the first place.

The hesitation to use the “Nuclear Option” and other relics of past Senate restraint are now gone so the Republican president will use that lack of restrain the same way Obama and Harry Reid did to force through laws that previously would never have passed.   The EPA will be gutted.  The Obama administration has shown that the EPA in the hands of a liberal administration is too dangerous to be allowed to continue to exist.  It will have to be dismantled to a point where it would basically have to be restarted from scratch by any future Democrat president.  It’s a shame that an organization created by a Republican president to protect the environment became so corrupted by ideology that it must now be done away with completely.

The IRS is almost in the same boat as the EPA.  A Republican president would never allow the IRS to target liberal groups and to actively work against the free American election process as President Obama did with Lois Lerner.  But that does not mean nothing will be done to the IRS.  No, the best way to counter the IRS so that it cannot be used as a political weapon is to permanently defang the agency with massive tax reform.  A simplified tax code would remove most of the IRS’s investigative and punitive capabilities.  It would also boost the economy in many ways.  That’s a win-win for the next Republican president.

Then there’s the international policy.  When is a treaty not a treaty?  When the president of one ideology has a Congress controlled by the other ideology, that’s when!  Forget the Constitutional requirements of passing a treaty through Congress.  All you have to do is declare that it’s not a treaty.  Then you can pretty much enact any foreign policy you want without worrying about Congress or that pesky Constitution.  And don’t forget that the Secretary or State won’t have to worry about doing illegal.  Hillary Clinton has already shown that a ideologically protective Attorney General can even shield Cabinet-level administration officials from investigation.

And this article would be dreadfully incomplete if we didn’t discuss the greatest tool the Obama administration used so effectively and that future presidents will wish to copy wholeheartedly:  The threat to shut down the government!  That’s right, the president can now tell the Congress that he or she doesn’t care a bit about their supposed Constitutionally empowered control of how tax dollars are spent.  Congress will either pay for what the Republican president wants or he or she will not sign the spending into law.  Then the cameras will show how evil Congress is for not “doing their job” in paying for the government.   So a Republican president will now be able to push through and expensive border wall, Keystone pipeline, etc without too much trouble.

That’s of course assuming the media will cover a Republican president the exact same way they’ve provided cover for President Obama when he did the same thing.  I almost couldn’t type that last sentence because I was laughing so hard at the idea of the media being fair to a Republican president.  But even that doesn’t matter as much as it has in the past thanks to President Obama.

Despite the cover the liberal media has provided for the Obama administration again and again, this administration has shown utter disdain for the news media class.  Instead of being “the most transparent administration in history”, we have had an administration that has closed out the media and created layers of secrecy like none before.  A Republican president has in the past always known the media weren’t with them but they also knew they had to be somewhat kind and respectful to the news media in order to keep on message with the public.  But with the Internet providing so many alternates and with the Obama administration example of how to close out the news media, a Republican president will not have to worry about the liberal media as they have in the past.

Basically, a Republican president will be able to use the powers of the Executive Branch, drastically enhanced as they have been in the Obama Administration, to push right wing ideology as far as they wish for four to eight years.  And then the next Democrat will do the same in the opposite direction.  How exactly does a country survive such drastic swings with pulling apart?  The answer is that it doesn’t for long.

Ed Ruth


Above-The-Law Holder Protected Above-The-Law Administration

In years to come, when Americans look back at the Obama Administration terms, it will be hard for them to settle on what one big “thing” they think of when they think of the Obama Presidency.  Will it be Obamacare, the Middle East, the huge increase in our national debt or the increased racial tensions that have hit our country through his presidency?  For me, it will instead be the example he and his Attorney General set that showed all future administrations exactly how a President can do just about anything he or she wants as long as you have an Attorney General who will back you up to the end no matter what you do.

Once a President knows they have an Attorney General they can depend on regardless of Constitutional validity or legality, they can place various underlings in positions of power (For instance, in charge of the IRS, the EPA, etc.) and tell them to use their power without limits.  And should they be discovered?  Don’t worry, it requires a Department of Justice investigation with the approval of…you guessed it…the Attorney General…to investigate.  Since the Attorney General wont let that happen, those underlings know they can act with impunity to push their ideological agenda passed any and all legal limitations without regard to the consequences.

Voter Intimidation – Attorney General Holder wasted no time in showing exactly how he would use his power of blocking prosecutions of those that broke the law in pursuit of furthering their common agenda.  Members of the New Black Panther organization were filmed in Philadelphia intimidating voters at a polling station.  The Department of Justice, with President Bush’s administration still a few weeks from leaving office, filed charges against 4 members for Civil Rights violations.  One of the first acts of the Justice Department under President Obama was to limit and later totally drop all charges against those individuals.   Can you imagine what the response would have been in some KKK members in hoods had showed up to intimidate voters?

Federal Guns going to Criminals – From 2009-2011, the Justice Department conducted a multi-agency program to try to track illegal gun sales that were arming Mexican drug cartels.  One of the agencies involved was the ATF, which ran their “Fast and Furious” program and ultimately lost well over 1,000 weapons.  One of these lost weapons ended up being used to kill a federal agent.  Congressional oversight committees investigated and quickly found a cover-up was being conducted by Attorney General Eric Holder.  The nature of the cover up was to protect Holder, who had testified under oath that he was unaware of the program.   But the Congressional committee was stymied by Holder’s refusal to release documents issued by the Justice Department that would have proven Holder had lied under oath.   President Obama stepped in when Congress got too close to actually  proving Holder had lied under oath.  Obama declared the documents sought by Congress were protected by “Executive Privilege.”  The oversight committee cited Attorney General Holder for contempt for refusing their Constitutional right to conduct oversight.   In June of 2012, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to hold Holder in criminal contempt.   But with President Obama’s protection, there was little more they could do.

Using the IRS to attack Political Opposition –  With Obama appointee Louise Lerner leading the agency, the IRS systematically targeted groups with known Republican/Conservative ties.  It prevented them from conducting their Constitutionally protected rights to assemble and conduct voter initiatives that could have substantially changed the outcome of the 2012 election (i.e. Obama could have lost).  Can you imagine if a Republican president had used the IRS to target liberal groups?  The liberal media would never let the story drop from the headlines.

Add to that the numerous immigration laws flouted and immigration officials actually threatened by the president with “consequences” if they do their legally appointed duty.  Who would have ever thought we’d have a head of the Justice Department actually ordering law enforcement officials not to enforce the law?

Others on the other side of the political spectrum will no doubt point to their favorite target George W. Bush and claim that he and other former presidents acted similarly.  But I truly do not think any other president, Democrat or Republican, ever went anywhere near as far as Obama and Holder.  We were left time and again with both Congress and numerous judges indignant that their Constitutional authority was slapped aside with such impunity.

What President Obama and Attorney General Holder have done has revealed a stunning flaw in our system of government.  It is a gapping hole in the Constitutional process that enables the Executive Branch to ignore the checks and balances of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government.  We ignore this flaw at our peril.  If it is not sealed with active participation from both the legislative and judicial branches, then it will grow with abuses from future administrations.   The structure of coequal branches of government will disappear and the Executive Branch will become ever more imperial.




Ed Ruth

“Death Blow” Study Further Explodes the Climate Change Consensus Myth

Have you heard much in the liberal press about the recent new study from scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Meteorology that clearly showed that man-made aerosols had a much smaller cooling effect on the atmosphere during the 20th Century than was previously thought.  I haven’t seen much in the news about that either.  I wonder why?

It was ironic that this latest blow to the supposed scientific consensus on Man-Made Global Warming came on the same week that President Obama prepared a new set of handcuffs for America’s economy, this time in the way of His Majesty declaring a new set of greenhouse-gas emission cuts.  His Majesty ruled by kingly edict that the US would cut emissions by once again ignoring the Constitutionally-required congressional authority concerning such international agreements.

When White House Spokesman Josh Earnest was asked about this lack of following our Constitutional process in getting approval from Congress, he stated that the White House didn’t think Congress members that didn’t believe in Man-Made Global Warming should get to vote on the issue.   That’s downright scary.  A U.S. presidential   administration has the gall to say that Congress won’t even get to vote on an issue unless they agree with the president?  I call him “His Majesty” in jest but I continue to wonder if he sees such talk as acknowledgement of a fact.

White House Spokesman Says Global Warming “Deniers” in Congress Should Not Get To Vote

The Max Planck study indicates “that aerosol radiative forcing is less negative and more certain than is commonly believed.”  In more plain English, this means that aerosols are offsetting less global warming than was previously thought.  This means carbon dioxide must be causing less warming that what climate models predict.  Since those climate models have been consistently wrong, this study, conducted by an extremely well-respected scientific institution, adds to the science against this line of thought and is a major blow against those who believe in the religion of Man-Made Global Warming.

The liberal media can continue to try to hide the truth about the lack of consensus regarding Man-Made Global Warming but their efforts have already largely failed.  More and more Americans reject the liberal reporting on Climate Change.    Let’s hope the courts tie up President Obama’s attempts at forcing his Global Warming religion down our throats for the remainder of his time in office.

Author: Ed Ruth

For War on Terrorism, It Would Be Nice to Have a Real Leader


British Prime Minister Cameron

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a leader like Prime Minister Cameron of Great Britain?   He recently gave a speech in which he stated:

“Adhering to British values is not an option or a choice. It is a duty for all those who live in these islands so we will stand up for our values, we will in the end defeat this extremism and we will secure our way of life for generations to come,”   After which, he told Parliament he’d be seeking an expansion of powers that he feels are necessary and which would probably not pass Constitutional muster in the U.S. but at least he (unlike President Obama) has a plan of action for addressing the problem of radical Islam.

Instead, America has a leader who doesn’t even seem that interested in being President anymore.  When it comes to the most important terrorist problem facing the U.S., he ” doesn’t have a strategy yet”.  It is to be expected that Republicans would be shouting in angst about his lack of leadership but now even many Democrats are calling the president to task for not leading when America and world need American leadership.

ISIS/ISIL are only going to get stronger unless decisive and coordinated efforts from a coalition of governments from around the world can stop them.  For the first time ever, we are facing a terrorist threat from a group that controls a land base, a huge stockpile of modern weapons, all the financing it could want and a popularity among Radical Islamists that gains them a steady flow of new recruits (many with Western passports that will make it easier for them to attack the West).  To build an effective coalition, the world needs U.S. leadership.  Sadly, we do not have that leadership available.

Sadly, we do not have an American President capable of saying “”Adhering to American values is not an option or a choice. It is a duty for all those who live in this land so we will stand up for our values, we will in the end defeat this extremism and we will secure our way of life for generations to come,”.  No, instead we have a president who derides American values.  A president who dismisses American exceptionalism.  A president that believes America is fundamentally flawed and who say it as his mission to fundamentally change those flaws to fit into his left-wing ideology.

I said when America first elected the empty suit that is Barack Obama that we as a country were in danger when we could elect a weak socialist like him in these troubled times.  When America reelected him, I said we were beyond “in trouble” and that only a large scale danger could get America back on track as a leader of democracy.  President Obama’s weakness and lack of capable policy decision making and implementation have created such a danger.  Let’s hope America recognizes the danger it’s votes have helped create and begins correcting itself in November and in 2016.


Human Spaceflight in 2014: Where We are and Where We’re Headed

Gene Cernan was the last astronaut to walk on the moon.  It is said that his last act in December of 1972 before climbing back into his lunar module was to carve his daughter’s initials into the lunar dust. Unless commercial space initiatives succeed, it is likely that the next person to see those initials will speak Chinese.

Human space flight efforts can be categorized into government and commercial space programs.  On the government side (by which I mean the US Government), America has spent the last few years in the embarrassing position of having to pay the Russians almost $70 million each to fly our astronauts up to the International Space Station (ISS).  With it’s structure long ago completed, 2014 news on the ISS was mostly limited to resupply, crew transfers and scientific experiments.  In January it was announced that ISS operations would be funded until at least 2024.  House and Senate members from both sides of the political spectrum have protected their constituencies by ensuring the continued financing of the SLS, a huge rocket under development for as yet unidentified missions.

NASA is also continuing development of the Orion spacecraft, completing ocean retrieval missions with the US Navy.  NASA also completed the Vertical Assembly Center (VAC) at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans which will be used to build the core stage of the SLS.  To give some basis for the development of both systems, the Obama Administration cobbled together an asteroid retrieval mission that may be of dubious scientific value but would be exciting and would provide valuable data and experience for commercial asteroid endeavors.  Also, DARPA recently announced first phase contracts awarded to several companies for the development of the XS-1 experimental space plane.  And there are some other interesting government sponsored human spaceflight projects including a commissioned design of a futuristic starship using the “faster-than-light” travel Alcubierre drive. There was also continued work on a fusion propulsion system., and an interesting announcement about a successful test of what is supposed to be an impossible means of propulsion that may turn out to be something revolutionary or may go the way of Cold Fusion.  These are interesting and deserve funding and any other support we can give.  But every government space program seem to have some inherent faults that make them incapable of reaching our goals.

NASA’s concept Starship, the XLS Enterprise

All government space initiatives have two inherent problems.  First, a program implemented by one administration is often not the priority of the next administration.  Often, the Office of President of the United States gets filled by someone from the opposite party of the previous administration and they are all too quick to defund the previous administrations initiatives.  This, by the way, is a serious defect that is not suffered by China or Russia and which could lead to America one day falling seriously behind the competition.

The second defect is more institutional.  It is a sad fact that both NASA and the US Air Force are both so committed to safety and reliability that they establish levels of bureaucracy that ensure  no project is done on time or on budget.  Each example of progress requires so much testing, signing off from one agency to another or other paperwork that the next step is held in limbo for months or even years.  They do not have investors clamoring for ROI so there is no rush for advancement.  There is no competition so there is no drive for completion or incentive for constant improvement of their product.

Clearly, NASA is not capable of leading a sustained course of human spaceflight development.   It requires an organization that does not totally change focus every four to eight years.  It requires a mindset that embraces competition, profit margins, innovative product improvement and the acceptance of a risk level that would not happen in a government agency.  With that said, let’s examine some commercial/non-government human spaceflight programs that are active in 2014.


A very robust commercial launch industry is active in 2014.


SpaceX – SpaceX racked up some serious wins in 2014 both in space and in court.  Among their several successful launches, SpaceX had their first controlled landings of the first stage of their rockets, a key milestone in their efforts to bring down the costs of launches dramatically by reusing the rockets.  In July of 2014, the Air Force confirmed that all three of it’s recent Falcon 9 launches were successful, a strong step towards their ability to win Air Force certification that would allow it to compete with United Launch Alliance for launches of national security payloads.  SpaceX successfully sued the Air Force in 2014 to enable them to compete for those missions.  One of the biggest milestones for SpaceX in 2014 was repeated demonstrations of their ability to perform soft-landings of their first stage of the Falcon 9.  This should cut many more millions off of launch costs and make the Falcon 9 a leader in commercial space.

Boeing – The CST-100 Space Taxi continues development.  Boeing has done reentry and launch abort testing and a lot of PR in 2014.

Virgin Galactic – Richard Branson continues to insist commercial launches are “just around the corner” and has a wait list of 650 people that have already paid the deposit for the flight.   In May of 2014, VG announced they had changed the fuel to enhance engine performance.  In June, the company reached an agreement with NASA  to fly 12 technology experiments on SpaceShipTwo ‘s first commercial research flight.

XCOR Aerospace – This company’s 30ft-long, two-seater Lynx space plane could beat VG’s initial commercial flight and do so at a fraction of the cost.  In July 2014, DARPA selected XCOR (partnered with Masten Space Systems) as one of the teams that will be working on a new experimental space plane.

Sierra Nevada Corporation – The Dreamchaser craft was initially based on a NASA initiative but subsequent years of refinement have made it a very interesting candidate for ferrying astronauts to the International Space Station.  In August of 2014, they revealed the first completed composite airframe, made in conjunction with Lockheed.  They also announced a joint agreement with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to collaborate missions and technologies.

Blue Origin – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ secretive company has been developing rocket-powered Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing (VTVL) vehicles for access to suborbital and potentially orbital space.  It is also actively pursuing the development of a reusable orbital vehicle.  They have teamed up with Boeing as one of the teams working with DARPA on the experimental space plane project.

Bigelow Aerospace – This company’s main focus is the development of expandable space habitats.  The company is currently working on the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), which will be added to the ISS in 2015 as a test module.  Bigelow has recently hired former NASA astronauts that will be the be the crew of a private space station that Bigelow plans to launch sometime after 2017.  Rather than developing a launch capability, they plan on using the winner of NASA’s commercial crew program to launch and retrieve their crews.  Their habitats could also be used on the Moon and Bigelow Aerospace made news in July 2014 when it requested the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA-AST) conduct a “payload review” which would give US government recognition of ownership by the company and other U.S. firms of resources they extract from the Moon.

Ad Astra Rocket Company – They continue the development of their VASIMR propulsion system.

Space Adventures – This space tourism company arranged all eight of the orbital space flights completed by private citizens and offers circumlunar and suborbital flights with the hope that one of the above companies will be able to supply the hardware to complete such trips.

The British Skylon space plane uses a HOTOL (Horizontal Take Off and Landing) system similar to a regular plane.

Outside of the US, there is the very interesting Skylon UK space plane project.  And the European Space Agency, convinced the SpaceX is about to make their Ariane rockets no longer commercially viable, is finally getting serious about building a next-generation rocket.  India and Japan are both ramping up their space programs, with stated goals of manned space programs.  In Russia, they recently conducted the maiden launch of the new Angara rocket, the first new Russian rocket since the Soviet era.  Russia announced in July 2014 that they are starting to phase out the old Soyuz rocket in favor of the newer Soyuz-2 rocket.


The US’s formal plan for human moon exploration ended when President Obama ended the Constellation program.

Google’s Moon Prize: Google Lunar X Prize. It’s literally NASCAR on the moon, happening live, transmitting back here to Earth.” Technically, the $20 million grand prize would go to the first rover to roll more than 500 meters (three-tenths of a mile) on the moon and send back HDTV video.  While not directly involving human space flight, the competition has the obvious intent of spurring development on the Moon.  Such steps are needed to get the initial knowledge and experience needed to begin mining the moon.

Golden Spike:  This company plans on using spacecraft developed by the companies listed above to provide Moon trips to paying customers.  These customers could be nations wanting to explore or companies wanting to set up shop to begin using lunar resources.

China’s recent moon rover is just their latest step in their stated goal of putting a manned base on the moon.


While there is basically no movement in the government sector regarding a manned mission to Mars, NASA did have some advances regarding Mars in 2014.  MOXIE, the Mars OXygen In situ resource utilization Experiment is a device developed by NASA to take carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere and use it to produce oxygen for breathing and for rocket fuel purposes.  And the continued development of the SLS could be associated with efforts to put humans on Mars if it actually ever gets used.  In the meantime, NASA’s rovers continue to excite and to find items of interest that will no doubt one day be examined by humans.

The distance of Mars limits the current amount of commercial activity but there are a couple of commercial projects dedicated to getting humans to Mars.  Inspiration Mars, founded by First-Space-Tourist Dennis Tito aims to have a flyby mission.  And Mars One hopes to have a permanent colony on Mars by 2025.


This is one human spaceflight subject that does have some government involvement.  President Obama implemented a program for a future rendezvous with an asteroid.  It’s scientific usefulness has been hotly debated and, as mentioned above, no one knows if it’ll ever be more than just an ongoing excuse for continued funding of the SLS rocket system.  Also government related, U.S. Rep. Bill Posey introduced the American Space Technology for Exploring Resource Opportunities in Deep Space (ASTEROIDS) Act of 2014, a bill that would establish property rights for future private asteroid miners.

On the commercial space side of things, there are a few interesting organizations working towards manned asteroid missions.  Planetary Resources has built an awesome team and an equally awesome list of investors to get towards their goal of eventually mining asteroids for profit.  Also with an eye on profiting from the incredible resources locked in asteroids is Deep Space Industries, which plans to launch a fleet of small semi-automated probes to track and analyze target asteroids.


So what and where do all of these developments get us in the foreseeable future?  One begins to see a convergence of technologies advancing to the point where they may combine to create a maturing space industry.  A Bigelow module space station that acts as a base for companies using VASIMR engine-powered spacecraft that remove space debris or even crewed vehicles that provide in-orbit servicing on satellites could become a quick reality.  After years of stagnation, it is an exciting time for human space flight.

Ed Ruth


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Beyond his Ideology, President Obama is an Empty Suit

President Obama’s ideological disconnect from reality leaves him incapable of providing the leadership America needs.


On Fox News’s “O’Reilly Factor” on June 13th, 2014, Bill O’Reilly said:

“When Putin invaded Crimea, the Administration was “surprised”.  When terrorists killed 4 Americans (one a U.S. Ambassador) in Benghazi…the Administration was surprised.  When the VA Scandal came to light…the Administration was…caught by surprise.  When thousands of illegal children started crossing the border…the Administration was…caught by surprise.   Now Baghdad is failing and the Administration…is caught by surprise.”

Bill O’Reilly was talking about the President having an incompetent team that was not advising him on important matters.  I believe the problem is much worse that that.  I believe President Obama is so committed to his ideology that he only listens to those in his Administration that share that ideology and together they make an echo chamber that makes them deaf to the realities that crash up against that ideology.  I believe that he and his core followers within his administration believe that it is best for America for them to implement the far left agenda as much as possible during his time left in office regardless of Constitutional restrictions or other laws of the land and regardless of how bad their actions hurt the average American taxpayer.

There are many examples of the President putting his ideology ahead of the law and America’s interests:

The Keystone XL Pipeline:  His ideology tells him that opening up this pipeline will just enhance our use of carbon-emitting fossil fuels and that it is better for America not to get the benefits of the Keystone pipeline, which would add tens of thousands of jobs and reduce our dependency on Middle Eastern oil.

Releasing the 5 Taliban from Gitmo:  Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl being released in exchange for 5 Taliban despite the law requiring Congress to be notified 30 days prior to any such release.

The EPA Mandates-by-Decree:   The liberals have given up the idea of using the Constitutional process to enact laws to force America to accept their Man-Made Global Warming ideology on America.  They realize that too many Democrat Senators and Representatives will vote against that type of legislation because it would cost them their jobs come the next election.  So now they just put fellow ideologues in positions of power within the EPA  and have them issue decrees such as new carbon emission requirements for coal power plants that Congress has always refused to pass.

Using the IRS as a political tool:  It has been proven now that the Obama Administration used the IRS to prevent groups opposed to his reelection from completing their registration process as a non-profit.  This prevented them from doing the activities they wanted to do during the 2012 campaign.   Meanwhile, the IRS processed many pro-Obama nonprofits so they could assist with his reelection efforts.  Using the IRS as a weapon against political opponents is as bad or worse than what was done during Watergate.

Dozens of Changes-by-Decree to Obamacare:  He has unilaterally made numerous changes to the law without any regard to what the disasterous law he pushed through actually says.  Regardless of how horrible the law is for America, it is a law passed by Congress.  A president that can take a law and enforce what parts he chooses and make unilateral changes to it without bothering to follow the Constitutional process is a danger to our country’s future.

The Benghazi Cover Up:   The administration is covering up their attempts at portraying the attack as protests over a video other than a large, coordinated Al-Qaeda linked terrorist attack. They knew from the moment it was happening that it was a terrorist attack…but that would have undermined Obama, who was in the middle of his reelection campaign and was saying in speech after speech that he’d beaten Al-Qaeda.  It wouldn’t do at all to have to admit that a major Al-Qaeda terrorist attack had killed a US Ambassador and 3 SEALS.  So the Obama Admin began the cover up while the attack was still going on..,not even allowing the military to try to save them. THAT is the true cover up.

It  is expected that presidents, the highest level of a politician, act political.  It is expected that they decide that they were put into office by those that felt they were the best candidate to lead our country.  But there is also an expectation that a president will surround themselves with capable staff members who will provide them with the information they need to lead.  It is expected that the president will have those on his staff who can go up to the president and tell him that what he is doing is actually harming the country regardless of what their ideology tells them.  It is expected that the president will take the lead in international affairs to ensure America’s best interests are met.   Several recent polls show that pretty much everyone other than those that share his far left agenda have concluded that President Obama is incapable of meeting these expectations.  And America and many other parts of the world are being hurt by his inability to be an affective leader.

The world cannot afford to have an American president that is incapable of leading efforts of both war and peace on the world stage.  It makes that world a much more dangerous place and hurts America in many long-lasting ways.  Beyond his ideology, President Obama is an empty suit, incapable of leading and uncaring of the consequences of his agenda.

At this point, all we can hope for is a Republican House (and hopefully Senate come November) that can limit the amount of damage caused by this failed leader.  Let us hope that the voters of 2016 are not so enamored of a “cool” candidate that they forget to see if the candidate is actually capable of the job.