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A Few First Thoughts About a Trump Presidency

img_3692-trumpThere are a few things that immediately come to mind about what we can expect to see from President Trump.

First and foremost is the Supreme Court. Kudos to the Senate Republican majority leader Mitch McConnnel for holding off the nominee of President Obama for replacement of Justice Scalia. We will now see a true conservative majority in the Supreme Court for decades to come.

Second, there will finally be action on illegal immigration. The wall Donald Trump constantly talked about during his campaign will be built. It will be a combination of physical walls in certain areas and sensor walls at others. It can easily be paid for by imposing a tariff on all funds being wired to Mexico, Central and South America.

Third, watch how many executive orders are overturned almost immediately in a Trump presidency. The EPA, the IRS and the Justice Department are going to see some incredible changes in the extremely short period of time. Those that used their positions in these agencies to target conservative groups should probably start packing up their desks.

Fourth, the environmental movement is going to need to make some major adjustments. America has rejected their faulty science. If their projections are correct, then the world is in for some events worthy of a major motion picture. When those events do not happen, the intellectually honest among them are going to have to admit that their beliefs, which bordered on pseudo-religion, were totally wrong.

Fifth, there are going to be some major changes in foreign-policy. You are going to see some major changes in how we deal with Russia, China, ISIS, etc. You’re going to see some cooperation between the Brexit leaders in Great Britain who share many of Trump’s political beliefs. You are going to see NATO members reaffirm their support of the organization and commit to meeting their NATO Funding obligations.

Sixth, you’re going to see some huge changes in health insurance before Donald Trump even takes office. Obamacare is effectively dead. It was dying on its own with the ridiculously large increases in premiums each year. Liberals had hoped to impose a single-payer system but now you will see a total drop in government controlled healthcare. Contrary to what the liberal media have been saying, the Republicans do have a plan ready to replace Obamacare once it’s been repealed.

Also, you’re going to have to see some type of change in the Democrat party. Over the past eight years, they have lost thousands of positions throughout the country. They have become a distinct minority in state legislatures throughout the country. They are a small minority of governors. The Democrat party has depended on demographics carrying the day for so long and it has not happened. They are going to have to make some major changes or they will no longer function as a national party.

Finally, I wonder about what’s going to happen with Hillary Clinton. A regular politician would drop the investigations but I don’t think Trump is going to do that. I think you’re going to see a lot more about the criminality of the Clinton Foundation. I think you’re going to see a trump Justice Department that seals the lid on this corrupt organization. A regular politician would shake the hand of his failed opponent and enjoy the day. But a business person like Donald Trump has no problem kicking his downed opponent repeatedly to ensure they never get back up. Pundits will say this is not the way things are done but they will once again be wrong. I believe Donald Trump will use the Clinton foundation as an example of the “drain the swamp” that he has spoken of repeatedly. It truly is a new day in America.

Middle Eastern Nukes Will Spread From Obama’s Iran Failure


Did you hear anything about Saudi Arabia declaring that it has decided to move forward with buying nuclear weapons?  You’d think something like that would be big news.  Lots of coverage, diplomatic discussions between our State Department and them to try to dissuade them from nuclear proliferation, etc.   It isn’t every day that a country starts stating that it will openly violate the decades-old Non-Proliferation Treaty and it’s certainly not an everyday occurrence when a Middle Eastern country known for producing and financing terrorist organizations gets does so.  So one would think that would be getting wall-to-wall coverage on all the major news outlets.  Such is not the case.

When the Sunday Times of London reported last weekend that senior American government officials had confirmed comments from Saudi Arabian officials that they were moving forward with buying “off-the-shelf” nuclear weapons from Pakistan, I looked hard for two days to see what other news agencies would do with the story.  It wasn’t until the afternoon of the second day that a story from CNN about Saudi nuclear weapons referenced the story and mostly sought to cast doubt on it.

The Saudis have been threatening for years that they would use their buying power to match any Iranian nuclear program.  And the recent deal that President Obama is offering Iran, a Treaty without Congress’s Constitutionally mandated authority,  has had senior Saudi officials openly declaring their intent to do so.  So it seems very doubtful that denials from Pakistan of any intention on doing such as sale are realistic.

The Iranians have made it clear that they have no intention of stopping their nuclear weapons program.  They have used President Obama’s naïve efforts of forging an agreement to stop their program as breathing space to further their nuclear weapons goals.  Each day that passes while Obama dithers is another day Iran gets to actively work toward those goals.  Time and time again Iran has been caught  cheating in their efforts even as they sit down to “negotiate” with John Kerry, the worst Secretary of State in US history, and his counterparts in five other countries.

Saudi Arabia is not the only country contemplating getting nuclear weapons in response to the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  They are the most likely since they have a very close relationship with Pakistan and have financed both their nuclear program and their ballistic missile program.  But other countries, notably Turkey and Egypt, have also said they would not be comfortable with a nuclear Iran and would have to match their capabilities.  Such is the world President Obama is leading us toward.

President Obama’s unrealistic deal with Iran is giving Iran the time and legitimacy to create a program that will be unstoppable by the time more capable U.S. leadership is elected.  With less than two years left in office, it may be after his term as President that the world has to face a nuclear armed Middle East.  But it will never be a doubt that such a result will be a true part of the Obama legacy.

Ed Ruth

The Latest Obama Failure: Iran Gets Nukes

With the assistance of Secretary of State and one-time President Candidate John Kerry, who has been voted as the worst Secretary of State in modern times, President Obama lurches towards another foreign policy failure.  This time it’s Iran and the result of their ineptitude will be official acceptance that Iran is going to go nuclear.

There is no way to look at the Iran nuclear deal as anything other than an abject failure.  The Iranians do not have to reduce the amount of infrastructure they’d already built for refinement of nuclear material.  There is so far no requirement that the Iranians ship out their enriched uranium.  Even Obama supporters acknowledge that these steps guarantee Iran could quickly ramp up enrichment operations and produce nuclear weapons very quickly whenever they chose to. 

Some Obama supporters say that this will at least “Open the dialogue” or give the U.S. “leverage to push for democracy from the inside”.  The same arguments were made in the 90s when Clinton folded like a lawn chair during the North Korean negotiations.  The North Koreans never let the restrictions or IAEA inspections hold them back and they now have multiple nuclear weapons.  And to say that caving in gave us any leverage at promoting freedom or democracy in North Korea would be funny if it weren’t so sad and dangerous.  This is how it will turn out in Iran as well.

While Iran gloats about getting all of what it wants with little if any chance for enforcement of restriction on development of nuclear weapons,  our long-term ally Israel is forced to accept that America no longer has the backbone to help it defend itself against Middle Eastern powers that seek its destruction.   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak next week in front of the US House of Representatives to urge America to find the resolve to deal strongly with Iran.  But almost two dozen Democrat Representatives have said they will boycott the speech.  Hopefully their constituents will make them pay for their lack of backbone come the next election day.

Once again, President Obama is failing America.  His far left ideology combined with poor decision making and weak-handed approach to handling problems will once again have serious long-term negative effects for our country.  And when the subject includes Middle Eastern fanatics, dictators and nuclear weapons, the consequences don’t get much more serious.

Ed Ruth

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