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Immigration Control and “Shithole” Countries

Anyone that has a problem with President Trump calling some countries “Shitholes’ should read this brilliant article: This article has many excellent points but this is my favorite: “Let’s state the obvious. Some countries are shitholes. To claim that this is racist is racist. They are not shitholes because …

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Did President Obama Protect Hezbollah From Drug Investigation?

Hezbollah Iran Obama Connection recently released a bombshell article about their investigation into how the Obama Administration appears to have blocked a US agency’s investigation that was linking terrorist group Hezbollah’s use of drug trafficking and money laundering to finance their global terrorist operations.  Apparently the agency was being too good at linking …

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Former NASA Biochemist Uses CRISPR to Genetically Modify Himself

Josiah Zayner with his Crispr gene-editing kit. Photograph: Courtesy Josiah Zayner / The ODIN

Biohacker Josiah Zayner livestreamed his DNA injection at a recent biotech conference.  He targeted the gene for myostatin [a protein that regulates muscle growth].  Zayner has a PhD in molecular biophysics and spent two years as a research fellow at NASA. This could be very interesting but he may want to hold off …

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