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Retired FBI Agent Writes of Saving the FBI’s Legacy


Retired FBI agent and decorated Marine veteran John Ligato writes about saving the amazing legacy of the FBI from the taint it currently faces. Salvaging the FBI‘s legacy Also:    

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Building Operational Capability of Space Debris Clean Up

Satellite Repair Refueling

In March of 2015, I wrote about creating the structure to sustain a growing permanent economy that centered on catering to the needs personnel in orbital, Moon and asteroid mining operations.  One of the aspects of the orbital operations was the clean up of the ever growing amount of space …

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NASA Reports Huge Water Deposits On Mars

Mars Water Found in 2018 If this analysis is confirmed, then we suddenly have prime targets for human landing sites.  We would also have a huge bump up in the odds that a sustainable Mars Outpost and/or eventual Mars Colony could be established? I know I’m getting way ahead of things but I’m already …

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