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Brain Implants Will Repair and Augment Us in the Near Future

Brain implants

  Brain Implants, machines that will be surgically implanted into a person’s brain to perform one or more functions, are going to be reality in the very near future.  And the technology has gotten far enough for us to at least categorize what many of these implants will possibly do once we’ve developed them.  …

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It Is Time to Admit We are at War with Radical Islam

Before I begin, let me start with the obligatory “of course not all Muslims are bad” statement. I have friends who are Muslim, including some that will be reading this article. I would never want to hurt my Muslim friends by in any way associating them with those I refer to …

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Democrats turn on Debbie Wasserman Schultz Non-partisan news site delivered a scathing article yesterday about local embarrassment Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  She is, I’m sad to say, my local Representative.  Republicans in the district have long found her to be extremely left-wing, shrill and self-serving.  Democrats are now also starting to see her for what she …

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