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The Latest Obama Failure: Iran Gets Nukes

With the assistance of Secretary of State and one-time President Candidate John Kerry, who has been voted as the worst Secretary of State in modern times, President Obama lurches towards another foreign policy failure.  This time it’s Iran and the result of their ineptitude will be official acceptance that Iran …

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A Solid Article on Black Culture That You Should Definitely Read

I normally consider just about anything published in the New Yorker to be neo-liberal drivel, ideological droning detached from the real world.  But every once in a while they produce a true gem.  This recent article definitely falls into that category: I have to give them credit just for writing …

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People Don’t Feel Like The Economy is Getting Better

  Great article written by the CEO of Gallup, the national polling company.  If anyone has a finger on the pulse of America and how we are feeling about any particular subject as a whole, it is him.

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