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Left Uses Another Tragedy For Political Gain

The death of 9 worshipers at a Charleston, SC church a few days ago is a tragedy.  It is sad beyond measure that 9 innocents lost their lives to a deranged maniac.  But while most of the country looks sadly at this incident and pray for the lost, a segment …

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Rising Sea Levels, Drowning Cities and Global Warming

My home town of Miami, Florida is often used as an example by those wishing to use scare tactics about Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW).  The standard line is that our coastal cities are going to be put underwater as rising sea levels punish us arrogant humans for not listening to the …

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Rand Paul Is a Very Different Type of Senator

I’m not sure quite what to think about Senator Rand Paul.  I’ve been a fan of many of his positions since he was elected to the Senate and I usually feel like he’s got a good, common sense approach to many of today’s most troubling issues.  But he did not …

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