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Cool Weapons Making Military Look Like Sci-Fi

  Laser Weapons:  This very cool German-built laser system above was recently highlighted in Popular Mechanics.  It is unknown when it will be field tested but there are some laser systems already operational in the US military.  The US Army is fielding a powerful new Drone Killing Laser.  The US …

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The Dems are terrified that AG Sessions will be like AG Eric Holder

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

It looks like we’ve come to an end to the delay tactics from Democrats in the approval of Senator Jeff Sessions to become the next Attorney General. The only reason his nomination was being held up by Senate committee review was that his vote was needed in the Senate to …

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Liberal Media Gives President Obama False Approval Numbers

Barack Obama

As time goes by and it is increasingly recognized that President Obama’s 8 years were utter failures in terms of legislature, economy, international affairs, etc., you can count on the fact that liberal supporters will repeated state some variation of “He left office with high approval numbers”. It is important …

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