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We Face Decades of Problems Ahead For Obama Domestic Policy Failures

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is a top contender in my opinion for the title of “Worst President in American history”. His failures most domestically and abroad can and will I’m sure fill many books. As his presidency winds down, there is already much talk about his “legacy”. Even his biggest supporters …

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Trump on Abortion and Misspeaking

There is a reason that “polish” and “politician” sound so much alike. Politicians spend an entire career perfecting the art of controlling their words to hide their actual feelings and positions on any and all issues. Believe it or not, your favorite politician pays big money to polling firms and …

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South Carolina and Nevada GOP Primary Vote Results

It was no big surprise when Donald trump won decisively in the South Carolina GOP primary vote. Every poll for the last 18 weeks would’ve had to of been wrong for it to be otherwise. The big surprise was that Marco Rubio actually seem to have the momentum that had …

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