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Obamacare Failure

I’ve been reading the various MSM/Democrat Party Press Releases that pass for news on many sites lately and you’d almost think that Obama’s troubles are over…or at least you would if that was all you read.  The reality is that the program is already  an utter failure and has no chance of redeeming itself.  It’s only hope had been to get enough people, specifically young people, enrolled and thinking positively of the program before the 2014 elections.  As even all but the most fervent liberals in the media will admit, Obamacare is not going to get the enrollment numbers it needs and young people are rejecting the “duty to pay for older people’s healthcare” mantra that the Obamacare cheerleaders have tried to push lately.  So the Republican candidates will use Obamacare very successfully against their Democrat rivals and the Senate is all but assured to become a Republican majority after the 2014 election.

Once the newly elected senators are sworn into office, the Republican controlled House and Senate will begin passing legislation that Obama will have to veto to prevent the repeal of his only “accomplishment” as president.  Around this time, it will have become very apparent that the initial several million that have signed up for Obamacare by that point are mostly people with pre-existing conditions that made it too expensive to ensure previously.  So the expensive nature of insuring those people will raise the costs of everyone’s insurance, creating the dreaded Death Spiral of Obamacare.  You will begin to see a combination of Death Spiral stories and Obama vetoes of Republican repeal legislation dominating the news.  With The Democrats now facing a majority Republican Congress and an approaching 2016 Presidential Election cycle, Democrat leaders will see the writing on the wall and Obamacare will effectively be repealed.

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