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Note To Man-Made Global Warming Believers: Your Beliefs Don’t Matter

I would not normally be so rude as to tell someone that their views on a subject don’t matter.  It is, after all, considered a very bad character trait to not respect differing viewpoints.  But in the case of believers in man-made global warming (anthropogenic global warming), I think it makes sense because it truly doesn’t matter if this group of believers are right or wrong.

The articles on both sides of the man-made global warming issue are legion so feel free to Google just about any variation of those words to read up on it to your hearts content.  I tend to fall more on, but not totally on the side of “mankind has little to do with global warming” things but my sides beliefs don’t matter much more than the other side.  If there is a difference in “mattering” it is that those that reject man as the majority cause of global warming are not asking all of humanity to change every aspect of their lives to conform to their beliefs.  The other side of the argument however, declares the argument over, they won and that if we do not heed to their demands, then the seas will rise, the masses will starve and we evil humans will be responsible for the deaths of polar bears and many other species.  These demands often include items such as:

  • Massive redistribution of wealth for “environment justice”.  This would be done within individual countries through a Carbon Tax that would make everything from filling your gas tank, flying on a plane and use of electricity in your house much more expensive.  It would also be done internationally through payments to poorer countries to “offset the damage” supposedly inflicted on them by larger, richer and more industrialized countries.
  • Drastic cuts in energy consumption that will be enforced by making the price of electricity and gasoline ridiculously expensive.  When your electricity bill increases even more drastically than it has recently, you can thank President Obama. The Obama Administration, thwarted by Congress, has used the EPA as a hammer to knock out coal fired power plants and taken other actions that are crippling the coal industry.  As the power plants close, the price of electricity increases (basic supply vs demand).  They talked big about making it easier to get new nuclear reactors approved but that’s just not happening.  And you can be sure that continuing to put off the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline has everything to do with wanting to limit availability of affordable fossil fuel and not wanting to anger environmental activists right before election season.

In other words, we have to give our wealth as individuals and as countries to those that know better what to do with it.   And we must change our lifestyles, our industries and our very cultures to prevent the aforementioned disasters.   Many very personal choices such as where you live, what you drive, when you travel, what you eat, etc would have to be altered and regulated by the government to “reduce your impact”.   Thus we get back to their beliefs not really mattering much.   We are not going to do any of that.  We are not going to hobble our economies by drastically reducing our consumption of energy.   We are not going to change our way of life as individuals by drastically reducing our individual energy consumption.   We are not going to accept having our electricity and our gasoline prices be raised to the point that we can’t afford them.   We are not going to change our lifestyles to accommodate limiting gas emissions.   So what will we do?

ACCEPTING THE CONSEQUENCES:  Let’s say for a minute that the believers in the cult of Man-Made Global Warming are correct and that we are having a much bigger impact on the climate than those with opposing viewpoints believe.  Even if they were proved to be 100% correct, we humans will not change our lives, economies or cultures to prevent global warming.  Humans will do as they’ve always done.  They’ll adapt to the new environmental realities.  They will change coastal cities to be able to handle the rise of sea levels, which even the IPCC says will be much, much smaller than previously predicted.  We will adjust the management of our crops and herds to weather or seasonal changes.  Water management, food distribution, water desalination, job training and whatever else is necessary will be done.  But we will not shut down factories and power plants, turn over all our money to the socialists and become kumbaya, kale-eating Al Gore worshipers.

The more cynical side of me is convinced that man-made global warming activists know we are never going to change our behavior.  They know that the efforts that could be brought to “fighting man-made global warming” are more accurately called redistribution of wealth from richer states to poorer states and the enhancement of power of the UN as it would have control over the huge sums they propose countries contribute to the cause.  Whatever their motivation, their beliefs are inconsequential because we will never do what they believe we must do.  Ever since man first put on an animal fur to get warm as the weather got colder, he has used his intelligence to adapt and prosper regardless of environmental changes.  We will continue to do so, without destroying our planet or our way of life.

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