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Middle Eastern Nukes Will Spread From Obama’s Iran Failure


Did you hear anything about Saudi Arabia declaring that it has decided to move forward with buying nuclear weapons?  You’d think something like that would be big news.  Lots of coverage, diplomatic discussions between our State Department and them to try to dissuade them from nuclear proliferation, etc.   It isn’t every day that a country starts stating that it will openly violate the decades-old Non-Proliferation Treaty and it’s certainly not an everyday occurrence when a Middle Eastern country known for producing and financing terrorist organizations gets does so.  So one would think that would be getting wall-to-wall coverage on all the major news outlets.  Such is not the case.

When the Sunday Times of London reported last weekend that senior American government officials had confirmed comments from Saudi Arabian officials that they were moving forward with buying “off-the-shelf” nuclear weapons from Pakistan, I looked hard for two days to see what other news agencies would do with the story.  It wasn’t until the afternoon of the second day that a story from CNN about Saudi nuclear weapons referenced the story and mostly sought to cast doubt on it.

The Saudis have been threatening for years that they would use their buying power to match any Iranian nuclear program.  And the recent deal that President Obama is offering Iran, a Treaty without Congress’s Constitutionally mandated authority,  has had senior Saudi officials openly declaring their intent to do so.  So it seems very doubtful that denials from Pakistan of any intention on doing such as sale are realistic.

The Iranians have made it clear that they have no intention of stopping their nuclear weapons program.  They have used President Obama’s naïve efforts of forging an agreement to stop their program as breathing space to further their nuclear weapons goals.  Each day that passes while Obama dithers is another day Iran gets to actively work toward those goals.  Time and time again Iran has been caught  cheating in their efforts even as they sit down to “negotiate” with John Kerry, the worst Secretary of State in US history, and his counterparts in five other countries.

Saudi Arabia is not the only country contemplating getting nuclear weapons in response to the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  They are the most likely since they have a very close relationship with Pakistan and have financed both their nuclear program and their ballistic missile program.  But other countries, notably Turkey and Egypt, have also said they would not be comfortable with a nuclear Iran and would have to match their capabilities.  Such is the world President Obama is leading us toward.

President Obama’s unrealistic deal with Iran is giving Iran the time and legitimacy to create a program that will be unstoppable by the time more capable U.S. leadership is elected.  With less than two years left in office, it may be after his term as President that the world has to face a nuclear armed Middle East.  But it will never be a doubt that such a result will be a true part of the Obama legacy.

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