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Liberal Media Bias Hitting New Level of Intensity

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Glenn Greenwald writes about how some of the nations most influential news media organizations are repeatedly passing along fake news and not even slightly caring how biased doing so makes them look to the general public. https://theintercept.com/2017/12/09/the-u-s-media-yesterday-suffered-its-most-humiliating-debacle-in-ages-now-refuses-all-transparency-over-what-happened/

A long time ago, there were senior members of the journalism community that would ensure the younger generations adhered to the highest levels of journalism. It was expected the journalists would have their own personal biases but it was also expected, even demanded, that those biases would never effect the objectivity of the journalist in their reporting. This was also a time when most journalists were middle class themselves and saw it as their duty to keep their fellow middle class citizens informed with objective reporting on what those in power were doing with their political positions. Sadly, many mainstream journalists in today’s world are from Ivy League schools and are taught in those schools that it is not their duty to inform the public but instead to guide the public into a mindset that supported liberal political goals.

Never has this been more true than in today’s world. The Trump presidency has unhinged the liberal media and they have now abandoned any pretense of objectivity.

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