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Left Uses Another Tragedy For Political Gain

The death of 9 worshipers at a Charleston, SC church a few days ago is a tragedy.  It is sad beyond measure that 9 innocents lost their lives to a deranged maniac.  But while most of the country looks sadly at this incident and pray for the lost, a segment of the liberal political class is once again jumping on the tragedy to push forward their ideology.

Liberal commentator Bill Maher says that Conservatives are to blame for the mindset of those who do such horrible crimes.  Hillary Clinton, who finds it hard to tell the truth, said we as a country have to face some “hard truths” about race and guns.

As former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”.   He was President Obama’s right-hand man at the time and he expanded on this comment saying “What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things that you thought you could not do before.”  So once again liberals seeking restrictive gun control laws they know would never otherwise happen will use another tragedy involving a bad guy (a murderer) with a gun to restrict good guys (law-abiding citizens) from being able to own guns.

Once again it seems these liberals are incapable of understanding some basic facts:  It is basic common sense (which is all too uncommon these days) that bad guys with evil intent are not going to let a law that says they can’t have a gun stop them from getting a gun.  If you’re prepared to break the law by killing innocents, then you are definitely prepared to break a gun ownership law.  Passing laws restricting gun ownership only makes it harder for the good guys (i.e. those who do obey the law) to get a gun.

This latest tragedy is another example of the fault in their gun-control logic.  The maniac (I call him that since publishing his name just gives him the attention he craves) was reportedly given the Glock handgun he used in this henious crime as a birthday present.   Background checks would never have prevented him from getting that gun.  Are we to ban law-abiding fathers all over the country from giving guns to their law-abiding sons because a maniac committed this crime?  That doesn’t seem very likely.

Unless we as a country want to change the Constitution and confiscate a few hundred MILLION guns in the United States, then the only option is to make sure it’s not hard for good guys to have guns so they can stop bad guys that have guns.


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