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Government Cannot Take Away Gun Rights…Or They Can Take them All

The government didn’t give us our rights and they cannot take them away.

When I was a young man I was not very religious.  Yet even during the most secular times of my life, I always appreciated that the constitution of the United States states that our rights are given to us by our Creator.   Even as a young agnostic, I recognized the importance of having my rights stated in our founding document as something that the government cannot take away.  If it was our government they gave us our rights, then the government could take them away.

What if the government decided that freedom of speech was being used by too many citizens to undermine the establishment and pass laws that took away that right? What if the government canceled elections and took away your right to vote them out? Shortly after that would follow the loss of a right to due process. We could very quickly end up with an oppressive dictatorship.  That is why it is important that all of our rights identified in the constitution are protected so vociferously by our courts and by our congressional representatives.

A quick look at the history of the past 150 years will show you that almost every dictatorship started out with the limiting and eventual confiscation of its citizens firearms.  For example, Cuba’s Fidel Castro killed many of his own followers shortly after the revolution when they refused to give up their guns.  This is a no-brainer to Socialists and Communists who understand that their ideology demands that they confiscate property and possessions and that many people will resist these actions. They understand that it’s important to remove their ability to resist with firearms.

Don’t think the Socialists in the Democrat party or any different. Congressional Democrats use every tragic shooting as an opportunity to press for limiting our right to carry arms. Every time something happens like the Las Vegas shooting, they stand behind podiums and inject their political views into the tragedy.  We must never let them use the actions of a lunatic to take away one of our rights.  Because if they can take away that right, then they can take away the others.

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