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Freeman Dyson Interview

Freeman Dyson, one of the greatest minds of our time in an excellent video interview


He begins his interview talking about the subject which he is most known for: space. He said the most fascinating thing he can imagine would be finding other intelligent life.  He thinks that alien microbes would be most likely found and possibly even in the near future.  He said in the next 50 years he expects much more advanced robotics to enable there to be a large number of robotic activity throughout our solar system. He was less impressed with our possibilities of putting humans much further out in the solar system in the next 50 years but he thought it highly likely in the next 100 years

His comments on energy were perhaps the least insightful of us otherwise very interesting interview. He did talk about advances in solar energy being particularly useful for currently under developed countries in providing their energy needs. He talks about how he used to think very highly on the prospects of nuclear energy but does not anymore. He basically does not discuss fusion, the perpetually 30-Years-Away technology.  Maybe he’s just been disappointment with the number of times it’s showed promise and then failed.

I particularly enjoyed his comments on climate change and the dismissal of those who believe they understand climate models and the effects of carbon dioxide.  He described them as being arrogant and presumptuous of their knowledge of the effects of climate change and he dismissed the efforts they propose that would hurt our economy is around the world.

When he was asked what he thinks the most fascinating things will be next 50 years he, as a humble genius should, said that the most fascinating things will be the things that he doesn’t think of and the catch us totally by surprise

He in particular thought that it would be a very interesting to see the advances in biotechnology in which technology advances mix with our understanding of genomes.

As to be expected of such a great mind, it was a great interview.

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