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Do Not Equate Roy Moore with Al Franken

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Republicans have been telling Democrats that they are in no position to act as moral judge and jury given the number of Democrat members who’ve been accused of and even confessed to sexual harassment. Now over a dozen fellow Democrat Senators are calling on Senator Al Franken to resign. It seems clear that they and another Democrat leaders see the need to remove Franken so they don’t look hypocritical when attacking Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.  Franken is scheduled to make an announcement tomorrow and will likely announce he is stepping down.  This will presumably make it OK for Democrat leaders to then pounce on Republicans for supporting Roy Moore in his bid for the Alabama Senate seat.  Republican leaders must make sure it remains clear to American voters that no one should be equating Roy Moore to Al Franken.

Roy Moore has been accused by a middle-age woman of touching her in an inappropriate manner 30 years earlier. Roy Moore has steadfastly denied these allegations. While many things have changed in America, I believe we still hold true that someone is innocent until proven guilty. If Roy Moore is elected by the people of Alabama to be their next senator, then a Senate inquiry will investigate to see if there any merit to this woman’s charges. If they find that he is guilty then he will be removed.  That is called due process and is his right as a citizen.  If he is guilty, then he is despicable and definitely needs to be removed from the Senate.  But he deserves the same rights we’d give any other citizen and shouldn’t be punished before he’s even investigated.

Al Franken on the other hand has not said he is innocent. He has admitted his actions and we do in fact have a picture of him molesting a sleeping woman. There are several other allegations against him which he has also not denied. Had he professed his innocence and there not been physical evidence showing his guilt, then I would be saying he deserves the same due process that must be given to Roy Moore.

We are a nation of laws. We are also a nation that fiercely protect the rights of its citizens. We have been provided with too many examples around the world of what happens when a nation starts to diminish the rights of it citizens.  Roy Moore has been accused and has declared his innocence.  Al Franken has confessed to his actions and in fact we have picture proof of his guilt. In the United States of America, you cannot equate the two.

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