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Democrat Party Civil War Starting Soon

Democrat Party Civil WarI’m starting to see among some Democrats the introspection and critiquing one would expect from a political party that has taken an almost decade-long electoral drubbing.   Some of the Democrat party’s deep-thinkers that have decades of liberal credentials are finally stepping up to the plate and saying that their party’s core beliefs are not in line with the majority of America and need some significant changes.

Long time Democrat strategist Ted Van Dyk recently wrote about how he has seen his Democrat Party turn away from their middle-class worker base by embracing social positions that are totally out of line with the values of these voters.

The Democrats have lost almost 1000 legislative seats across America since President Obama was first elected.  They are politically weaker now than they have been since the 1920s.  The same Democrat Party leaders that have led their party into this mess have stayed in their leadership positions and are now saying that all they needed was a little rebranding of their message.  Those leaders (Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) use their seniority and their campaign financing capabilities to keep control of the younger House and Senate Democrats that might otherwise seek change.  But even far left publications like Salon.com are now admitting that it’s not the brand or message of the Democrat party that is turning away voters.  It’s is a variety of cultural issues that may line up nicely on the coasts but repel traditional Democrat voters in “Fly over country”.

I see this as the beginning of battle lines being drawn in an upcoming Democrat Party Civil War.  On one side you have Democrats like those above that recognize that their core voters that they need to win national elections are still blue collar low to-middle-income workers with more traditional American values.  On the other side you have some hard-core liberals who don’t think they have gone far enough in pushing a far-left socialist agenda.  In the next year or so you’ll see those lines turn into full-scale battles as the two sides try to determine the future direction of the Democrat Party.

It will be interesting to see if this Democrat Party Civil War is completed before the Democrat primaries start for the 2020 election season.  If it is not then you will see Democrat contenders holding very vicious primary campaigns that may tear down all of their candidates enough to give President Trump an easy walk to reelection.

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