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Creating an Artificial Martian Magnetosphere to Start Terraforming

Mars Terraform


This article is interesting but leaves out some details:

  • Power: It mentions that “An inflatable structure can generate a magnetic dipole field at a level of perhaps 1 or 2 Tesla (a unit that measures the strength of a magnetic field) as an active shield against the solar wind. In the simulation, the magnetic field is about 1.6 times strong than that of Earth.”  So how is the inflatable structure generating the magnetic field?  Is there a necessary power source and if so, what are the power requirements?  Is the 1-2 Tesla strength the minimum power level needed to generate the field and if so, would a stronger field speed up the process?
  • Other Terraforming Activities:  The article mentions “It has been determined that an average change in the temperature of Mars of about 4 degrees C will provide enough temperature to melt the CO2 veneer over the northern polar cap.“The resulting enhancement in the atmosphere of this CO2, a greenhouse gas, will begin the process of melting the water that is trapped in the northern polar cap of Mars. It has been estimated that nearly 1/7th of the ancient ocean of Mars is trapped in the frozen polar cap. Mars may once again become a more Earth-like habitable environment.”   That is nice but leaves out the mention of other terraforming activities that mankind could use to further speed up the process.  Introduction of genetically modified bacteria, fungus and lichens that could survive the temperatures, low barometric pressure and radiation could be introduced almost immediately to begin the process of creating arable land.  their gas emissions could further enhance the warming and the increase in atmosphere.  Once a stable body of surface water is possible, the introduction of plankton


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