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Rand Paul Is a Very Different Type of Senator

I’m not sure quite what to think about Senator Rand Paul.  I’ve been a fan of many of his positions since he was elected to the Senate and I usually feel like he’s got a good, common sense approach to many of today’s most troubling issues.  But he did not sound like a person with a clear grasp of the situation when he said last week that GOP hawks were responsible for the creation of ISIS.  He has since backtracked somewhat on that statement but even his clarification leaves a lot to be desired when we are talking about someone who wants to become the leader of the free world.

I was already questioning Senator Paul’s ability to lead this country when I found out earlier this month the he was one of five GOP Senators that shamelessly prevented Senator David Vitter from uncovering the truth behind who had fraudulently exempted Congress from Obamacare requirements that enabled Congressional staff members to qualify for subsidies that they clearly should not have been able to get.  The whole deal smelled of hypocrisy, deceit and the type of business-as-usual Washington backdoor agreements that Senator Paul is usually protesting.  To think that he was one of the primary instruments holding up the investigation of the fraud led me to feel like I couldn’t trust Rand Paul to look after the interests of average people instead of the needs of the Washington establishment.  If I can’t trust Senator Rand Paul, then how could I trust a President Rand Paul?

Maybe that’s not being entirely fair to Senator Paul.  He did just stand up against fellow Senators from both sides of the aisle against a renewal of the Patriot Act, a law I’ve always thought gave the government a bit too much power.  When someone has the conviction to stand up for what they believe in regardless of party, that is to be respected.   I guess the truest thing you can say about Senator Rand Paul is that he is not as easy to fit into any particular political or philosophical box.  And that puts him above most of his Senate colleagues.

Middle Eastern Nukes Will Spread From Obama’s Iran Failure


Did you hear anything about Saudi Arabia declaring that it has decided to move forward with buying nuclear weapons?  You’d think something like that would be big news.  Lots of coverage, diplomatic discussions between our State Department and them to try to dissuade them from nuclear proliferation, etc.   It isn’t every day that a country starts stating that it will openly violate the decades-old Non-Proliferation Treaty and it’s certainly not an everyday occurrence when a Middle Eastern country known for producing and financing terrorist organizations gets does so.  So one would think that would be getting wall-to-wall coverage on all the major news outlets.  Such is not the case.

When the Sunday Times of London reported last weekend that senior American government officials had confirmed comments from Saudi Arabian officials that they were moving forward with buying “off-the-shelf” nuclear weapons from Pakistan, I looked hard for two days to see what other news agencies would do with the story.  It wasn’t until the afternoon of the second day that a story from CNN about Saudi nuclear weapons referenced the story and mostly sought to cast doubt on it.

The Saudis have been threatening for years that they would use their buying power to match any Iranian nuclear program.  And the recent deal that President Obama is offering Iran, a Treaty without Congress’s Constitutionally mandated authority,  has had senior Saudi officials openly declaring their intent to do so.  So it seems very doubtful that denials from Pakistan of any intention on doing such as sale are realistic.

The Iranians have made it clear that they have no intention of stopping their nuclear weapons program.  They have used President Obama’s naïve efforts of forging an agreement to stop their program as breathing space to further their nuclear weapons goals.  Each day that passes while Obama dithers is another day Iran gets to actively work toward those goals.  Time and time again Iran has been caught  cheating in their efforts even as they sit down to “negotiate” with John Kerry, the worst Secretary of State in US history, and his counterparts in five other countries.

Saudi Arabia is not the only country contemplating getting nuclear weapons in response to the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  They are the most likely since they have a very close relationship with Pakistan and have financed both their nuclear program and their ballistic missile program.  But other countries, notably Turkey and Egypt, have also said they would not be comfortable with a nuclear Iran and would have to match their capabilities.  Such is the world President Obama is leading us toward.

President Obama’s unrealistic deal with Iran is giving Iran the time and legitimacy to create a program that will be unstoppable by the time more capable U.S. leadership is elected.  With less than two years left in office, it may be after his term as President that the world has to face a nuclear armed Middle East.  But it will never be a doubt that such a result will be a true part of the Obama legacy.

Ed Ruth

The Latest Obama Failure: Iran Gets Nukes

With the assistance of Secretary of State and one-time President Candidate John Kerry, who has been voted as the worst Secretary of State in modern times, President Obama lurches towards another foreign policy failure.  This time it’s Iran and the result of their ineptitude will be official acceptance that Iran is going to go nuclear.

There is no way to look at the Iran nuclear deal as anything other than an abject failure.  The Iranians do not have to reduce the amount of infrastructure they’d already built for refinement of nuclear material.  There is so far no requirement that the Iranians ship out their enriched uranium.  Even Obama supporters acknowledge that these steps guarantee Iran could quickly ramp up enrichment operations and produce nuclear weapons very quickly whenever they chose to. 

Some Obama supporters say that this will at least “Open the dialogue” or give the U.S. “leverage to push for democracy from the inside”.  The same arguments were made in the 90s when Clinton folded like a lawn chair during the North Korean negotiations.  The North Koreans never let the restrictions or IAEA inspections hold them back and they now have multiple nuclear weapons.  And to say that caving in gave us any leverage at promoting freedom or democracy in North Korea would be funny if it weren’t so sad and dangerous.  This is how it will turn out in Iran as well.

While Iran gloats about getting all of what it wants with little if any chance for enforcement of restriction on development of nuclear weapons,  our long-term ally Israel is forced to accept that America no longer has the backbone to help it defend itself against Middle Eastern powers that seek its destruction.   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak next week in front of the US House of Representatives to urge America to find the resolve to deal strongly with Iran.  But almost two dozen Democrat Representatives have said they will boycott the speech.  Hopefully their constituents will make them pay for their lack of backbone come the next election day.

Once again, President Obama is failing America.  His far left ideology combined with poor decision making and weak-handed approach to handling problems will once again have serious long-term negative effects for our country.  And when the subject includes Middle Eastern fanatics, dictators and nuclear weapons, the consequences don’t get much more serious.

Ed Ruth

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It Is Time to Admit We are at War with Radical Islam

Before I begin, let me start with the obligatory “of course not all Muslims are bad” statement. I have friends who are Muslim, including some that will be reading this article. I would never want to hurt my Muslim friends by in any way associating them with those I refer to when I speak of a “war with Radical Islam”.  My Muslim friends are just as threatened by those believers of Radical Islam as my Christian friends for reasons I’ll delve into below.

So what do I mean by “War with Radical Islam”?  I am referring of course to an ever-increasing conflict among those who believe in democratic and religious freedoms and the sanctity of life that are opposed by those who engage in Radical Islamic belief. Which further necessitates me to define “radical Islam” as those who follow the Islamic faith in a fashion in which if you do not follow their exact form of observance of that faith then they consider you to be against God and an enemy worthy of either conquering or killing. And with 1 billion or more Muslims in the world, even if only one out of a 1000 is a member of radical Islam, then we’re still talking about 1 million members who believe it is okay to kill or conquer those who do not believe the way that they believe.

And don’t let anyone tell you that my “1 out of a 1000” (which I do use just as an example, not as any factual percentage) is exaggerated; that this is small sector of the followers of Islam and that people like myself are just “Islamaphobes” or whatever other excuse they want to use for dismissing this problem. They can dismiss all they want. Doing so only lets the problem grow. the reality is that, while it was only 20 Muslims that attacked us on 9-11-2001, they were backed by thousands. And they were cheered by tens of thousands on that sad day.

Look at poll after poll taken around the world and you’ll see that the teaching of Radical Islam has large percentages of many country’s Muslim populations taking radical positions.  For example, a 2013 Pew Research poll found 57% of Muslims worldwide disapprove of al-Qaeda. Only 51% disapprove of the Taliban. 13% support both groups and 1 in 4 refuse to say.  86% of Muslims in Pakistan, 84% in Afghanistan, 81% in the Palestinian territories and 80%in Egypt favor stoning adulterers to death.  40% of Muslims in the Palestinian territories and 39% of Muslims in Afghanistan said attacking civilian targets to defend Islam is often or sometimes justified. So while the vast majority of Muslims would never take up arms in support of Radical Islam, there is clear evidence that large percentages of them have been at least somewhat influenced by the teachings and publications of Radical Islam.

The danger of Radical Islam to the rest of the world should be readily apparent.   As I write this, ISIS, which is believed to have upwards of 30,000 fighters, controls land in Syria and Iraq equal in land area to the distance between New York and North Carolina.  ISIS’s self-declared caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi recently stated “A day will soon come when the Muslim will walk everywhere as a master… The Muslims will cause the world to hear and understand the meaning of terrorism… and destroy the idol of democracy”.  This is not limited to ISIS.  Khaled Meshaal, the leader of Hamas has also been quoted saying “We say this to the West… By Allah you will be defeated. Tomorrow our nation will sit on the throne of the world”.  We ignore their words at our own peril.

So, are we finally at a point where we can no longer deny that we are at war with Radical Islam? For many decades we’ve had to deal with the like of Hamas, Hezballah, the PLO, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups. But now with ISIS, we have a governing body with a growing army holding geographical area which they are committed to expanding to create what they hope will become a global caliphate. It is becoming a collection point for radicals from all over the world to come to get training and combat experience.  They are well-funded, organized and totally committed to their cause. 

The peaceful majority of Islam must accept some responsibility for the extreme members of their religion.  This extremism could not have grown to its present extent if not for the blind eye and, in some cases, active assistance of those who either share some of the ideological extremism but do not want to act in the extreme or those that do not share any of the extremist views but are too afraid to stand up to those extremist elements.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand that they have every reason to be fearful.  The West rightly condemns the brutal beheadings of captured Westerners. But those acts, as horrible as they are, are a shadow of the mass killings of innocent Muslims that do not follow the path of Radical Islam.  Innocent Muslims are just as much in danger as the rest of the world because Radical Islam requires that you believe EXACTLY as they believe and swear allegiance to their cause.  Everyone else, including other Muslims, are to be conquered and subjugated.  The media really needs to start showing more of the Muslims that resist, and in many cases die fighting ISIS and other radical groups.  They need to show the mass killings of Muslims in Syria and Iraq.  They need to keep covering the story of the 273 muslim girls in Nigeria that were kidnapped by Boko Haram.  They are striking examples of why we must act now to protect our future and the future of the many innocent peaceful Muslims that are threatened by Radical Islam.

Three things must happen soon.  One, Western journalists and others need understand that they are on a side of this conflict whether they want to be or not.  All to often, Western journalists and liberal “talking heads” on TV seem to be excuse makers for those that would gladly kill them if given the chance.  They need to stop try to equate the excesses of Radical Islam with the very justified self-defense actions taken by Israel.  They need to help educate the world on the consequences of western nations not taking a more forceful and united action against Radical Islam.  Bill Maher recently condemned liberals for being so afraid of being called Islamophobes that they won’t denounce brutality committed in Islam’s name.  He was widely criticized in liberal publications.  Hopefully that criticism does not hold back other liberals from recognizing that there is no Right or Left viewpoints in our war with Radical Islam.  ISIS will kill you just as gladly whether you read the New York Times or the Weekly Standard.

Second, the citizens of the western world must acknowledge that they are at war with Radical Islam.   We may not want to be at war with them but they want to be at war with us.  Not accepting that fact just makes us less prepared to defend when they take an offensive action.  We must learn more about the mentality of those that wish to conquer us so we can better prepare to counter them.  If you want a starting point, Google the following terms: Wahabis (also spelled Wahhabi), Dhimmi, Jizha, Sharia Law.  Learn what the goals of these people are and you will have a much better understanding of their actions.

And third and most difficult, we must take action against Radical Islam.  By “we”, I am being very inclusive.  It can’t be just the U.S. and the western countries of Europe taking action.  It must also include the peaceful Muslim countries around the world.  They must forcefully put an end to the schools that preach radical hate.  They must cast out and ostracize Muslim clerics that convince young Muslims that it is God’s will to fight and kill those that don’t believe exactly as they do.  They must examine bank accounts to search for and imprison those that finance extremist mosques and terrorist groups.  And they must use their militaries, supported by the USA and Europe, to destroy radical groups within their borders.  We must become stronger and more willing to take the fight to Radical Islam.  For as long as we have an enemy more lethal and committed to winning than we are, then we have no chance of winning this growing war.

Author: Ed Ruth