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Biased Media Gets What it Deserves in Trump White House

I am finding it very amusing to see the various press organizations whining about lack of access to President elect Trump and how his Chief of Staff has indicated that there will be changes in the White House press corps. Organizations like CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP and others are freaking out about the idea that they might lose their special access to the White House. I would love the opportunity to have a conversation with the heads of these organizations.

I would ask these organizations very bluntly how they can expect to be treated any differently. They actively worked against Donald Trump to defeat his campaign. They actively colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign to do anything and everything they could to help her win. They derided him and sometimes blatantly lied about him to the public in the hopes of influencing the election. And now they expect him and his ministration to act like none of that happens. Laughable!

I would love to ask the many journalists who were revealed by Wikileaks to be actively working with the Clinton campaign the question “why should you be treated as an objective professional journalist when it has been proven that you are in fact a Democrat operative who uses the access provided by your profession to further your ideology?”

If these journalists ever got into trouble with the law, they would expect to have a professional lawyer who would represent them regardless of their ideological beliefs. They would expect a prosecutor who would prosecute the case with in the confines of the law regardless of his or her ideological beliefs. And they would expect a judge who would ensure the trial was conducted fairly and professionally without any regard to ideological belief. That level of objectivity is expected in every profession. The leadership of our news organizations should demand a similar level of professionalism from their reporters.

The media is currently one of the least trusted professions in our nation. It will continue to be a distrusted profession as long as viewers continue to see biased reporting. We should be able to read a newspaper article or watch a news segment on TV and have no idea as to whether the reporter is more liberal or conservative. If the leadership of the majority of news organizations in our country tried to enforce this basic standard of professionalism, they would be forced to fire a large percentage of their reporters.

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