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Ban AR-15 Rifles and Toyota Pick Up Trucks

Did you know that the worst school shooting in American history, the murder of 32 students at Virginia Tech, was done using a Glock 9 mm handgun? I can tell you for certain that it is known to many of the liberals on TV that are advocating banning AR-15 type weapons.  So why would they advocate banning this specific type of weapon if they know that school shooters can easily kill as many or more victims with countless other types of guns? As Fox news host Tucker Carlson put it, this is not about controlling guns, it’s about controlling people.

Banning AR-15 rifles would do no more to limit school shootings then banning Toyota pick up trucks in an effort to cut down on traffic fatalities.  I’m sure that a certain percentage of traffic fatalities involve a Toyota pick up truck but I don’t think anyone would suggest banning them would cut down on traffic fatalities.  If someone was going to get involved in an accident because of their driving behavior, then they would still got in that accident.  They just would’ve been driving a different type of vehicle.

Similarly, a person committed to performing the already illegal act of killing someone is not going to be in any way dissuaded from doing so because a law made a specific type of gun illegal.  Why would they follow gun laws if they are already OK with the much more serious crime of murder?

That doesn’t mean that nothing should be done about AR-15 type of weapons.  A three day waiting period for handguns is reasonable to secure a weapon for personal protection.  But a weapon like an AR-15 is more of what I would call a sports rifle.  I call it that because unless you are intending to shoot a human with that type of rifle, it’s only other real use is for sports shooting/target shooting.  It is a significantly more powerful weapon and so it should be a little more difficult to get one.

Continuing with the comparison between guns and vehicles, large vehicles require a special Class C license that is harder to get than the average drivers license.  This is acceptable to the public because we understand that the larger vehicles that require a Class C license are more dangerous and could cause a lot more harm than average vehicle.

A 30 day waiting period is not unreasonable for a weapon that is only going to be used for sport shooting.  And during that 30 days, there should be a mandatory mental health record check on the applicant.  Add a $100 fee to help pay for the database. These weapons commonly cost between $1000 and $2000 or more so an extra $100 to ensure the mental stability of the buyer is not unreasonable.

If a gun buyer wants to go ahead with the high price of the weapon, 30 day waiting period and a mental stability background check, then they should be able to buy an AR-15.  We can take reasonable precautions to protect our children while still protecting our citizens Second Amendment rights.

Note: The author of this article, Ed Ruth, loves his Toyota Tundra pick up truck.

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