The Latest Obama Failure: Iran Gets Nukes

With the assistance of Secretary of State and one-time President Candidate John Kerry, who has been voted as the worst Secretary of State in modern times, President Obama lurches towards another foreign policy failure.  This time it’s Iran and the result of their ineptitude will be official acceptance that Iran is going to go nuclear.

There is no way to look at the Iran nuclear deal as anything other than an abject failure.  The Iranians do not have to reduce the amount of infrastructure they’d already built for refinement of nuclear material.  There is so far no requirement that the Iranians ship out their enriched uranium.  Even Obama supporters acknowledge that these steps guarantee Iran could quickly ramp up enrichment operations and produce nuclear weapons very quickly whenever they chose to. 

Some Obama supporters say that this will at least “Open the dialogue” or give the U.S. “leverage to push for democracy from the inside”.  The same arguments were made in the 90s when Clinton folded like a lawn chair during the North Korean negotiations.  The North Koreans never let the restrictions or IAEA inspections hold them back and they now have multiple nuclear weapons.  And to say that caving in gave us any leverage at promoting freedom or democracy in North Korea would be funny if it weren’t so sad and dangerous.  This is how it will turn out in Iran as well.

While Iran gloats about getting all of what it wants with little if any chance for enforcement of restriction on development of nuclear weapons,  our long-term ally Israel is forced to accept that America no longer has the backbone to help it defend itself against Middle Eastern powers that seek its destruction.   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak next week in front of the US House of Representatives to urge America to find the resolve to deal strongly with Iran.  But almost two dozen Democrat Representatives have said they will boycott the speech.  Hopefully their constituents will make them pay for their lack of backbone come the next election day.

Once again, President Obama is failing America.  His far left ideology combined with poor decision making and weak-handed approach to handling problems will once again have serious long-term negative effects for our country.  And when the subject includes Middle Eastern fanatics, dictators and nuclear weapons, the consequences don’t get much more serious.

Ed Ruth

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A Solid Article on Black Culture That You Should Definitely Read

I normally consider just about anything published in the New Yorker to be neo-liberal drivel, ideological droning detached from the real world.  But every once in a while they
produce a true gem.  This recent article definitely falls into that category:

I have to give them credit just for writing the article.  All too often, anyone that even attempts to talk about issues that may be adversely hitting a large percentage of a minority group are immediately cast as racist.  This article dives into some deep waters that many publishers usually fear to tread.  Here’s a sample paragraph of the article that covers much of what it is about:

“After the Times described Brown as “no angel,” the MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry accused the newspaper of “victim-blaming,” arguing that African-Americans, no matter how “angelic,” will never be safe from “those who see their very skin as a sin.” But, on the National Review Web site, Heather MacDonald quoted an anonymous black corporate executive who told her, “Michael Brown may have been shot by the cop, but he was killed by parents and a community that produced such a thug.” And so the Michael Brown debate became a proxy for our ongoing argument about race: where some seek to expose what America is doing to black communities, others insist that the real problem is what black communities are doing to themselves.”

The article covers the famous government report written by the late Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan titled “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action. ” and W. E. B. Du Bois book   “The Philadelphia Negro: A Social Study.”  Both tackled truths you rarely find discussed in politically correct 2015.  It uses these as a foundation upon which a new, even more challenging book was written called “The Cultural Matrix: Understanding Black Youth”, written by a Jamaica-born sociologist named  Orlando Patterson and Ethan Fosse, a Harvard doctoral student in Sociology.  I haven’t read the book but if it’s as interesting as this article, I will have to make sure I do so.  If you have a few moments, I highly recommend this article.

Ed Ruth